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what’s mean family order

long moment nothing to post on my tumblr cause i don’t have topic my life is going well nothing surprise  or some interesting but by the well i got the point to discuss about something called family.

its the simple mean is you just describe about blood relation between people, its almost right but not perfectly cause i have one opinion about family with blood relation something that rules i don’t really understand something i fell it just like home without soul and just push you to go home without reason and just you don’t have any place to sleep.

but i mean my family member is kind you know there soo kind people soo come to light with other, respect each order although in a surface we like frigid to other member  but when one of we have trouble we help each orders, but when my cousin come and live in my home i think is make the weird come to the air, i or other member on my family not bothered if she join for a few days but if its for soo long month to years its make a trouble not because we are not kindly but is about space, understanding and much all the thing change, 1.cause my aunt to pushing it hard and don’t remember bout her financial and my family financial, 2 my home just have 3 room is me, my sister and my parent soo imagine one of we must give way to my cousin for a room and for a sure is me, im a boy is not problem from me to sleep on chairs but for when long time goes on is make a trouble when my friend come i dont have place to put them, and when i got some trouble or something happen make me want alone i dont have a place to my private time„, but okay she understand i decide to sleep on chair on central room on my home but you is not good feeling for me after that,
i just feel like what i have to do about that situation. and its just problem with me and still much problem with anything else on home, i feel pity but on other hand i feel stressed if i dont have a room,soo home make me bored make me feel confuse bout comeback much time  i spent in outdoor with all my best friend we rent a small room sleep much people but always smiling take a guitar and singing all night long, give much thing each other maybe we same hve a boring moment about home and try to get view point bout life, i forgot about home things and family rules, but in here i thing i got what a mean bout family not just bout blood relation, a family is about give understanding listen and caring when anyone talk, teaching but not to be old teacher/parent who feel he the rightist people, sharing much ask little. i feel is a home i want home who never make me never bored home who can do anything i want without afraid, no one be old brother/sister, parent, or anything we are same. so starting there i have one point bout family is not blood make strong relation but is bout emotional make stronger relation and the perfect one family outer home i called “friend”

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